PhotoME Beta-Release

PhotoME Beta-Release

PhotoME lets you view and edit the metadata included in your JPEG photos
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PhotoME is a program that lets you view and edit the metadata included in your JPEG photos. Modern digital cameras store a lot of information in JPEG image files. This information, called metadata, can be of the Exif, IPTC-NAA or ICC type, and can be very useful to investigate things related with your images, for both professional and amateur purposes. PhotoME will display information about the image file (name, path, size, date, time), about the camera used to take the image, if the flash was used or not, the JPEG specifications, the resolution, the exposure, the shutter speed, the lense used, the color space, the parameters of the digital zoom, the gain, the contrast, the saturation, and hundreds of details that you did not know the camera had saved when taking the picture.

You will be able to edit most of the fields, changing the values stored therein. I cannot quite see the point, but it can be done. I guess that, under certain circumstances, someone would be interested in digitally enhancing the picture and reflecting those changes in the database. The program will also show the histogram of the image being analyzed, along with a practical thumbnail.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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